Frequently Asked Questions

We've assembled the most commonly asked questions about our products and services.

For any questions you may have that aren't answered below, or if you need support for a theme, open a support ticket.

General Questions

What Is Themezier?

Themezier is a U.S. (EST) based third-party Weebly theme provider.

Weebly Theme Questions

Why Should I Go With A Themezier Theme?

Our themes are designed to give you the most amount of freedom without having to sell your arm. You'll find that our Weebly themes have built-in exclusive features not yet found on themes that cost twice as much.

We've been a part of the Weebly community since 2011 and really know what a Weebly user needs to truly build a great website.

You can learn more about what's makes Themezier themes different.

Do I Only Have To Pay Once For A Theme?

Yes. The price you see on a theme page is the one-time price you pay for that theme. What you see is what you pay. Done. There are absolutely no monthly subscriptions or upgrades fees.

What If I Need Support For A Theme?

Then we are here to help!

If after purchasing or downloading one of our Weebly themes, you run into any issues with the theme, we encourage you to open a support ticket. We're very prompt with issues regarding our themes, with a usual less than 2 hour response time once a support ticket is submitted.

What is "Free Installation"?

"Free Installation" means that once you purchase or download one of our themes, we'll be happy to install it into your Weebly account for you absolutely free.

What Are "Free Lifetime Upgrades"?

"Free Lifetime Upgrades" means you'll receive free updates for any Themezier theme, for as long as you use the theme.

The e-mail you use to purchase or download one of our themes is the e-mail that we send upgrade notifications to. Once an upgrade is available for your theme, you'll receive an e-mail containing a download button for the latest version of your theme.

What Is An "Unlimited Domain Use" License?

Our "Unlimited Domain Use" license grants you the freedom to use any of our Weebly themes on as many domains that you own.

If you are a contractor web designer building a website for a client, your client must purchase or download the theme they wish to use for their website(s), even if you've already purchase said theme for use on your own website(s).

This license grants unlimited theme usage strictly and only for the owned sites of the individual purchaser of the theme.

What Is Your Return Policy?

30 days. If for whatever reason you're not content with a Weebly theme you've purchased from us, we'll be happy to provide you with a 100% refund within 30 days of its purchase.

We know that it's impossible to know if you'd like one of our Weebly themes without actually trying it, which is why we want you to feel absolutely confident in purchasing from us. We'll take this hit, even though our theme's are technically not returnable because of their digital and easily replicable nature.

Please Note: Since our Weebly themes are technically not returnable, we're also aware that some may unscrupulously attempt to take advantage of this. If we determine this situation to be the case, we will not provide a refund, except in cases where a theme has a bug, that could not be resolved on our end through a newer version of that theme.

Can You Help Me Customize A Theme?

Of course! We totally understand that the Weebly themes we offer may not meet your site's specific vision right out-of-the-box, so you can hire Themezier to perform custom code work to any Weebly theme.

If you're interested in hiring Themezier to perform custom code work on your Weebly theme, just open a support ticket and we'll get back to you promptly.

Why Doesn't My Site Look Like The Theme's Demo Page?

Simpy put, because our Weebly themes are themes. When you purchase a theme, you're purchasing a theme and not the content that appears on that theme's demo page.

Weebly sites are comprised of 2 main components: the theme and the content. The theme is hard coded and the content is added via Weebly elements. At the present time, Weebly only allows the transfer of a site's coding (i.e., the theme) between Weebly accounts. Weebly does not currently allow the transfer of content (i.e., Weebly elements) between Weebly accounts.

We the above said, we are aware that some Weebly users would prefer their sites to look exactly like a theme's demo page -- consisting of both the theme and content -- for easy site building. To address this, in addition to purchasing a theme, we do offer a content transfer service, which will setup your Weebly site to look exactly like a theme's demo page, consisting of both the theme and content. Our Weebly theme's have varying amounts of content, but if you open a support ticket, we'll be happy to work up a fixed cost to complete this service for you.

Weebly Widget Questions

What Are Weebly Widgets?

Our Weebly Widgets are site modifications you can purchase (PayPal secure) for your Weebly site that we install. That's all they are!

How Does It Work?

To get a widget installed into your Weebly site, purchase your desired widget(s). After your purchase, we'll be contacting you at the e-mail you used to purchase the widget to discuss how you'd like the widget setup.

Once your widget(s) is installed, we'll send you a message requesting you to look over the work that was completed. This is where we can make tweaks.

I Have A Question About A Widget

No problem! Before you purchase a widget, please feel free to chat with us or send us a message to inquire more about the specific widget you'd like installed on your website.

What's The Difference Between An "App" And A "Widget"

"Apps" are available through Weebly's App Center. "Widgets" are hard coded into a theme.

​While both achieve the same result, "Apps" are great for those who don't like to touch code, but they tend to be heavier in coding, which could slow a site down the more you have. "Apps" are limited in their customization to app settings.

"Widgets" are incredibly light in coding, but may require code modifications after the initial install. "Widgets" are limitless in their customization because their codes are easily accessible.