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Blog themes contain blog specific features, such as numbered pagination or recommended content, to enhance the blog visitor's experience.
Business themes are structured to efficiently convey a business' service and/or product offerings, with features for easy communication and explicit information regarding the business.
Education themes are designed around an academic instituion's colors, mascot, and need to keep a community informed on its latest news and events.
Magazine themes are evolved blog themes emphasizing category layouts for organization of large content.
Portfolio themes are oriented around highlighting content and/or skills, such as a photographer's photographs or a painter's paintings.
Profile themes focus on an specific subject, such as a person or brand, with a dedicated avatar and description area.
Zine Weebly Magazine Theme

Zine - $19

zine magazine blog
London Weebly Magazine Theme

London - $19

london magazine blog
Entry Weebly Blog Theme

Entry - $19

entry recommended search blog
Infinit Weebly Portfolio Theme

Infinit - $19

infinit infinite scrolling recommended category navigation grid masonry
Haze Pro Weebly Business Theme

Haze Pro - $24

haze pro recommended breadcrumbs business search most popular
Evermore Weebly Blog Theme

Evermore - $24

evermore blog recommended breadcrumbs most popular favorites save dark light search
Kiss Weebly Blog Theme

Kiss - $24

kiss blog recommended breadcrumbs most popular recent dark light search
Arksi Weebly Blog Theme

Arksi - $24

arksi blog instagram slider pagination breadcrumbs stats
Styx Weebly Blog Theme

Styx - $19

styx blog sidebar
Red Weebly Education Theme

Red - $24

red education profile news ticker automation
Imbue Weebly Blog Theme

Imbue - $19

imbue blog photography automation
Streets Weebly Blog Theme

Streets - $19

street blog photography artist video background automation
Solar Weebly Magazine Theme

Solar - $24

solar magazine sidebar slider news ticker date blog newspaper search recent latest posts automation breadcrumbs
Iron Weebly Business Theme

Iron - $24

iron business construction automation slider video background
Haze Weebly Business Theme

Haze - $19

haze business
Most Popular
Skyscraper Weebly Magazine Theme

Skyscraper - $19

skyscraper magazine sidebar news ticker blog newspaper best seller most popular
Escape Weebly Profile Theme

Escape - $19

escape profile business artist

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