Haze Weebly Business Theme


​​A Simple, Animated, and Colorful Business Theme for Weebly


​Haze is a business theme for Weebly directly inspired by Weebly's "Mobile" site theme.

What is Haze?

​​​​With its signature colored banner image overlay (changeable) and animated click-to-scroll banner arrow, Haze is immediately an attention grabber.

​But what makes Haze our most popular business theme is very much its simple nature in design and intuitive user interface. Bringing everything together is as simple as changing a color and adding a Weebly element.

​In the latest version of Haze, 3.0.0. -- built ENTIRELY new from the ground up -- we moved the theme's styling back to the original and favored styling it came with when it was released in the Spring of 2016.

​You'll find familiar features, such as Weebly 4's customizable header and "section" element, as well as some fun built-in surprises such as image animations on hover and a color changing, fixed header. You'll also find some fun and unique theme options along the way.


  • 100% ResponsiveYes, Haze is 100% responsive.
  • Weebly 4's Customizable HeaderWeebly 4's customizable header gives you a drag & drop banner area, which you can add a background image or solid background color to. You can also adjust the banner's height, or choose to make the background image parallax, reveal, or a video background (pro accounts only).
  • Weebly 4's Section ElementWeebly 4's section element allows you to create unique sections within the main content area. Each section is an independent drag and drop area that can be further customized with a background image or color, parallax or reveal effects, and a video background (pro accounts only).
  • Haze Page LayoutAccompanying the header and no header page layouts is Haze's exclusive "haze" page layout (demo's homepage). The haze page layout features 5 built in sections, each containing built in image animations and background colors. The banner image of the "haze" page layout comes with a built-in, animated click-to-scroll arrow, that, when clicked, smoothly scrolls the page to the first section on the page layout (can be shut off under theme options).
  • Fade-On-Scroll HeaderHaze's fixed header will fade from a transparent background with white lettering, to a white background with black lettering the moment the page begins to scroll. This applies to tablet and mobile versions as well.
  • Colored BannerYHaze's "header" and "haze" page layouts come with a color banner overlay that can be changed to any color by inputting a hex color code under "Theme Options". You can also change the transparency of the color banner overlay to "none", "a little", "a lot", or "full color". The color banner is a Weebly 4 customizable header.
  • Click-To-Scroll Banner ArrowThe 'haze' page layout's animated click-to-scroll arrow smoothly scrolls the page directly to the first section on the page. The click-to-scroll arrow can also be shut off under "Theme Options".
  • Theme OptionsHaze's theme options include the "banner shade", which allows you to adjust the transparency of the colored banner overlay on the "haze" and "header" page layouts to "none", "a little", "a lot", or "full color", an accent color, which changes the color of the colored banner overlay, active links, the social media icons hover color, the background of the navigation's sub menus, click-to-call buttons, the top color of the gradient background of the 4th section of the "haze" page layout, the "gradient bottom", which changes the bottom color of the gradient background of the 4th section of the "haze" page layout, and a toggle switch to turn on or off the click-to-scroll arrow on the "haze" page layout.
  • Image AnimationsTo keep things alive, the 1st, 3rd, and 4th sections of the "haze" page layout come with built-in image and text hover animations courtesy of animate.css.
  • 3 Page LayoutsHaze comes standard with 3 page layouts, a header, no header page layout, and its exclusive "haze" page layout (homepage).
  • Drag & Drop FooterHaze comes with a global drag and drop footer (includes free Weebly accounts). Changes made in the footer on one page will automatically reflect on all pages.
  • 100% Support & Free Lifetime UpgradesAs a user of this theme, we've got your back 100%! Though our themes are rigorously tested (they really are -- sometimes it takes days to iron out the bugs), if any issues ever arise with this theme, simply send us a message! You'll also enjoy free upgrades to the latest version of this theme for its lifetime. When new versions are available, you'll be sent a notification and download link via e-mail.

Real Sites Created with Haze

Hrvatski Komorni Orkestar


Release Date
April 29, 2016
Last Updated
March 19, 2018
Latest Version
File Size
730.00 KB
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Personal, Commercial
Browser Compatibility
Android, Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Safari iOS, Opera, Opera Mini
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Lifetime Upgrades
Free Installation

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