Skyscraper Weebly Magazine Theme


​​​A Barrier Dismantling Weebly Magazine Theme


Built on the latest Weebly platform, Skyscraper is the most intuitive, light-weight, and easy magazine theme you'll ever use.

What is Skyscraper?

​​In the Winter of 2016, THEMEZIER wanted to push the boundaries of what a Weebly theme could do and look like. We were tired of Weebly themes that relied on just a massive high resolution image to define its homepage and overall styling. So after doing a little research in the Weebly community to find what Weebly users wanted from a Weebly theme, Skyscraper was born.

​​We brought together the best of a magazine theme, with the user-friendly drag and drop interface of Weebly, to give you a simplistic control over Skyscraper's content management. You'll also relish in Skyscraper's built-in news ticker and its Weebly 4 customizable header.

​With Skyscraper version 3.1.0, you get a mound of theme options never before seen in Skyscraper. These theme options will help you style Skyscraper to fit you site's vision without having to touch a single line of code!


  • 100% ResponsiveYes, Skyscraper is 100% responsive.
  • Weebly 4's Customizable HeaderWeebly 4's customizable header gives you a drag & drop banner area, which you can add a background image or solid background color to. You can also adjust the banner's height, or choose to make the background image parallax, reveal, or a video background (pro accounts only).
  • Theme OptionsSkyscraper's theme options include a primary background and text color for the navigation and category labels, a box shadow application to the site's wrapper, applying grayscale filter to all images, adjusting the site's width, turning on or off the news ticker, global ad space, slogan, label border, category label, a primary background and text color for the news tickers, and stripping the article descriptions of their gray background color.
  • Skyscraper Page LayoutAccompanying the header and no header page layouts is Skyscraper's exclusive "skyscraper" page layout (demo's homepage). The skyscraper page layout features 13 article boxes, each with "Click here to edit" images and text. It also features 7 "Click here to edit" category labels.
  • Category LabelsThe skyscraper page layouts come with 7 "Click here to edit" category labels. Category labels can be shut off under "Theme>Theme Options>Category Labels".
  • Adjustable BackgroundSkyscraper's background image can be adjusted under "Theme>Change Background".
  • SloganTo keep with your brand's image, beneath the logo is a "Click Here to Edit" text box for a slogan. The slogan will appear beneath your logo on desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your site. It can be shut off under "Theme>Theme Options>Slogan".
  • News TickerSkyscraper's news ticker displays at the top of every page layout. It consists of 4 "Click here to edit" text boxes to easily add and link text. The "Latest News" text is also a "Click here to edit" text box for easy text changing. The news ticker can be shut off under "Theme>Theme Options>News Ticker".
  • Global SidebarSkyscraper's global sidebar appears on every page layout. It consists of 3 drag and drop areas, 10 "Click here to edit" links, as well as 4 "Click here to edit" text labels. the global sidebar can be turned off under "Theme>Theme Options>Sidebar".
  • Auto FooterSkyscraper's auto footer feature automatically displays your site's logo, slogan, and social media icons from the global sidebar, in the footer of every page layout.
  • Global Ad SpaceAppearing to the right of the logo is a drag and drop area for an ad (or anything). The content within this drag and drop area will automatically display above the main content area on the desktop, tablet, mobile versions of the theme. The global ad space can be turned off under "Theme>Theme Options>Header Area".
  • 3 Page LayoutsSkyscraper comes standard with 3 page layouts, a header, no header page layout, and its exclusive "skyscraper" page layout (homepage).
  • Drag & Drop FooterSkyscraper comes with a global drag and drop footer (includes free Weebly accounts). Changes made in the footer on one page will automatically reflect on all pages.
  • 100% Support & Free Lifetime UpgradesAs a user of this theme, we've got your back 100%! Though our themes are rigorously tested (they really are -- sometimes it takes days to iron out the bugs), if any issues ever arise with this theme, simply send us a message! You'll also enjoy free upgrades to the latest version of this theme for its lifetime. When new versions are available, you'll be sent a notification and download link via e-mail.


Release Date
January 14, 2016
Last Updated
March 25, 2019
Latest Version
File Size
797.80 KB
File Type
Personal, Commercial
Browser Compatibility
Android, Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Safari iOS, Opera, Opera Mini
Premium Support
Lifetime Upgrades
Free Installation

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