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​​​​A Professional, Image-Focused Blog Theme For Weebly


Let your imagination, expression, and creativity run wild with Streets, a professional and image-focused blog theme for Weebly.

What is Streets?

​​​​Streets' most notable feature is it highly customizable video background​, to which its desktop, mobile, and tablet height, color, and video entrance animation can be adjusted. You can choose from 1 of 2 built-in video backgrounds from Streets' "Theme Options", or add your own without touching a line of code!

To not be ignored is Streets' 'Blog Automation' feature, which automatically displays 2, 4, or 6 (you choose) of your blog's latest posts in an attractive, image-focused, grid layout on the 'Streets' page layout. You'll also not only find Weebly 4's Customizable Header and 'Section' element, but not just 1, but 2 global footers (includes free Weebly accounts).


  • 100% ResponsiveYes, Streets is 100% responsive.
  • Weebly 4's Customizable HeaderWeebly 4's customizable header gives you a drag & drop banner area, which you can add a background image or solid background color to. You can also adjust the banner's height, or choose to make the background image parallax, reveal, or a video background (pro accounts only).
  • Weebly 4's Section ElementWeebly 4's section element allows you to create unique sections within the main content area. Each section is an independent drag and drop area that can be further customized with a background image or color, parallax or reveal effects, and a video background (pro accounts only).
  • Video BackgroundStreets most notable feature is its high customizable video background. Choose from 1 of 2 built-in video backgrounds under "Theme>Theme Options>Video Background" or upload your own without touching a single line of code. The video background comes with 4 entrance animations, 'parallax', 'roll', 'slide', and 'zoom'. The height of the video background can be adjusted individually for desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the theme. Streets' video background come with 3 frenzied animated text elements that can be edited under "Theme>Theme Options>Automation [Editor Only]>Video Background Text Input". The color and alignment of the text can be adjusted under "Theme>Theme Options".
  • SloganTo keep with your brand's image, to the right of the logo is a "Click Here to Edit" text box for a slogan. The slogan will appear to the right of your logo on desktop, and beneath the logo on tablet and mobile versions of your site.
  • Accent ColorYeStreets comes with an accent color that you can choose under "Theme>Theme Options>Accent Color". The accent color is the color used by the slogan, video background's text, scroll bar, blog post title background on 'streets' page layout, call-to-action buttons, and the social media icons.
  • Theme OptionsTheme options make it easy to customize Streets without touching a line of code. Street's theme options include scroll bar width adjustment, accent color, slogan on/off switch, video background selection (i.e., Light (paint video), Dark (paint video), or Custom (custom video background)), video entrance animation (on page load) includes 'none', 'parallax', 'roll', 'slide', and 'zoom', height adjustment of the video background for desktop, tablet, and mobile versions, video background's text color adjustment and alignment, post count for the 'Streets' page layout's 'Blog Automation' feature, post height, border color, and border width adjustment, post date on/off switch, and the 'Blog Automation' drop down setup.
  • Blog AutomationStreet's 'streets' page layout will automatically display your 2, 4, or 6 (you choose under "Theme>Theme Options>Post Count") latest blog posts from a "Blog" page on your site in an attractive, image-focused, grid layout. The border surrounding the blog posts can have its color and width adjusted, and the date within each blog post can be turned on and off with a toggle switch. For further control of your blog posts' appearance, their height can be adjusted to accommodate larger or smaller blog post titles.
  • 3 Page LayoutsStreets comes standard with 3 page layouts, a header, no header page layout, and its exclusive "streets" page layout (homepage).
  • 2 Drag & Drop FootersStreets comes with 2 global drag and drop footers (includes free Weebly accounts). Changes made in either footer on one page will automatically reflect on all pages.
  • 100% Support & Free Lifetime UpgradesAs a user of this theme, we've got your back 100%! Though our themes are rigorously tested (they really are -- sometimes it takes days to iron out the bugs), if any issues ever arise with this theme, simply send us a message! You'll also enjoy free upgrades to the latest version of this theme for its lifetime. When new versions are available, you'll be sent a notification and download link via e-mail.

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April 6, 2018
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Android, Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Safari iOS, Opera, Opera Mini
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